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We are now a proud authorized dealer of Taurus Firearms Just in time for hunting season... Long guns, rifles and shotguns at FMK Firearms

We are now an Official licensed seller of Taurus firearms.

Taurus Firearms

Because of the Taurus commitment to affordable high quality products and dealer and customer service, we recommend that all customers consider a Taurus firearm as your next purchase. Click here for our inventory and check back often for more.


FMK Karate, LLC has been providing important mental and physical instruction to our Southern Tier for over 22 years. We are known locally and nationally for fairness, honesty, clean comfortable surroundings and a really positive outlook. We look our clients straight in the eye, smile and deliver.

We have now received a Federal Firearms License from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and we will extend those same high quality standards to firearms sales. Our firearms sales will deliver the same high quality. We will be here for you anytime anytime. We will have the best pricing, the highest quality products and the highest level of customer satisfaction.

We will carry and extensive inventory and will order any hand or long gun while doing all legally and with you in mind. We will be your supplier, your advisor, your friend. We are your complete, armed and unarmed, self protection center.

Glock Ruger

And all brands by custom order!